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As lawyers for the Latam region we need to think creatively and be able to question and simplify the traditional way
of doing things.

corporate law

We focus on providing legal advice to business owners on issues establishing their company's structures, policies, objectives, and procedures for their business operations. Our team of offers a wide range of legal services, including corporate governance, compliance, transactions, and litigation.


We bring expertise from intellectual property, corporate and telecommunications law to provide a complete perspective. Our lawyers understand our clients' needs and how to draft and vet robust agreements.


Our legal approach is dynamic. It adapts to new business demands; latest technologies, and economic changes. Our team understands the importance of keeping up with the rapidly changing legal landscape to protect your organization’s operations in Latam.

immigration law

A globalized world implies dynamic interactions of people. Today, different countries offer a wide range of opportunities for hard working individuals. However, the success in a new location is a challenging process that requires thoughtful immigration consulting. We build our immigration practice based on experience, honesty, respect, and commitment. We specialized in immigration to Canada and to Colombia.

technology law

We advise clients on legal issues related to e-commerce, online sales contracts, terms of service, and payment processing. Also we assist clients with drafting, negotiating, and enforcing software licensing agreements. For Telecommunications we advise clients on regulatory issues such as licensing requirements and compliance with telecommunications laws.


We advise on country and Latam region copyright breach issues, terms of rights, work-for-hire agreements, ownership conflicts, branding problems and licensing.


Over the years, we have successfully represented many international clients when competitors or new businesses launch products or new logos that create confusion in the region. Our team has the experience to litigate and resolve competitive activities to protect your interests in the Latam market


Our Latin American expertise are unique and tailored to your intellectual property legal and business needs. The Latin American market is diverse and each country brings its own uniqueness. Our counselors bring years of resolution experience across the full spectrum on IP litigation

Data Protection and Privacy

We can advise you on legislation for privacy & data protection and the risks for your organisation in all aspects. We are always at the forefront . By implementing these best practices, organizations can minimize the risk of data breaches and demonstrate their commitment to protecting personal data.

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Value Assessment

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license negotiation

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